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I heard you sell bitcoin for free?
What do you think, how much is a real coin now?
AutoHotkey program for Windows as well as programs for burning discs, a set of knives, a video course Photoshop 6, DivX, Xvid, Winamp, VLC and other programs for PC: Russian Windows 7/8/10.
hello, what themes in photoshop can you install on your computer?
I have looked at your lessons. Liked. I didnt even think that you could learn, but in just 3 weeks. And most importantly, very accessible. Thank you very much for your abilities and lessons!
Good afternoon! I bought your lessons and now I know a lot of new things. You are well done.
I have been working with PhotoSharpax for quite some time, but nothing has worked out for me. Now I don't even know what to do.
I work on a Linux computer on the Internet using Photoshop, I upload a photo, but when I put a brush and start making a pattern with it, everything quacks and gives up. For the first time, I saw that when applying a brush, it should be as close as possible to its base and press with all fingers (and not just index fingers). But I don't understand the ban on deleting layers. If I work with several layers and delete each of them, superimposed in turn on another or on top of the other, do they remain combined? Tell me how to get around this?
In Photoshop, I want to start by cutting along the contour.
Please tell me how to change the size of the brush. when she clicks on an object, the image expands. does it mean i just created a new layer without having a brush?
Hello Marina. I understand everything this is a distortion effect, working with colors as well. I understand that you can draw with brushes in Photoshop. Do you need to draw them yourself? and then in photoshop with overlay layers?
Hello, Natalia! I don't know about you, but I only use "Blog brushes" and I just can't work without them - I'm lost and I can't draw anything! So Photoshop had to be learned with the help of video tutorials and photo tutorials on the Internet. f02ee7bd2b